With the recent surge of selfies and social media, it’s no wonder that people are looking for a sharper jawline or lifted eyebrows. For many, even if they are working out and eating right, they may still find that they have a small pocket of fat under their chin or that the skin on their eyebrows and chest are getting a little loose. These can be natural signs of aging that won’t simply go away with a change in diet.

Ultherapy® is a skin lift without surgery that targets the eyebrows, neck, and chest for skin tightening. It is safe, non-invasive and gives you the lift you need to be a brighter, more confident you.

How Does It Work?

This non-invasive skin tightening procedure uses ultrasound gel and a focused ultrasound that targets three layers to achieve the desired effect. After clearing the area of any oils, your provider will apply the ultrasound gel. Once that is done, then they will use an ultrasound viewer and adjust the settings. Then, ultrasound energy is applied to the targeted area. The three layers that the energy reaches are superficial wrinkles, skin, then muscle. This whole procedure takes about 45 min to an hour with no downtime.

The goal of Ultherapy® is to help stimulate the production of collagen which will increase the elasticity and firm up the targeted area.

Preparation for the procedure is minimal. Up until you go in for your skin lift, you can maintain your regular eating, drinking, and exercising patterns. The only thing that is asked is to make sure the targeted area is free of makeup for the skin tightening. After the procedure, you can walk out without needing any recovery time.

Is it Painless?

This answer depends on the patient. For some, they only feel a little soreness or numbness afterwards. For others, during the procedure they don’t feel anything at all or feel very mild pain and have no trouble sitting through it. Then, for those who are more sensitive or worry about pain, pain medication or laughing gas is provided.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Part of why Ultherapy® works is because it inflicts a thermal injury, triggering the production of collagen. Collagen rebuilds itself for about three months before dropping off, so the full effect of the skin lift will be seen around the three month mark. However, for some, they see results right after treatment, or within a few days.

Skin Treatment In Houston

If you are interested in this treatment or know someone who might be, talk to the professionals at MD Aesthetica MedSpa. They are physician owned and offer personalized treatments so you can get the results you want. To see how you can get your skin lifting without surgery, give them a call today at (713) 799-0000