MD Aesthetica has a new technology! MD Aesthetica has been selected by Bovie Medical to be one of the first two  practices in Houston to offer J-Plasma.


J-Plasma® is an advanced energy device that uses the unique properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy. The device creates plasma which is an energy state created by adding energy to a gas. Helium plasma focuses RF energy for greater control of the tissue effect. This enables a high level of precision and virtually eliminating unintended tissue trauma. J-Plasma uses an energized helium gas flow over a metal blade to produce a luminous plasma stream for the surgical effect.  A laser uses a beam of light. J-Plasma is not dependent on light wavelengths and is therefore equally effective on a broad range of tissue types.

With this innovative technology, Dr.Lyos and MD Aesthetica are now able to entirely eliminate wrinkles, uneven coloring, laxity and many additional signs of aging skin, while significantly reducing the recovery period. “This is by far the most impressive and most up-to-date technology to offer patients a way to dramatically resurface and improve the quality of their skin” commented Dr.Lyos during a lunch at learn hosted at MD Aesthetica.

What is the J-Plasma treatment?

The new J-Plasma skin resurfacing procedure has shown results and alleviates the complications associated with the traditional techniques of skin tightening and rejuvenation. J-Plasma is not a laser machine fascinatingly. It uses helium gas to precisely eliminate layer by layer of the skin surface with a much lower temperature than other treatments. This lower temperature therefore results in less collateral damage to the adjacent tissue surrounding the affected layer. This drastically reducing the potential for complications. The procedure removes the epidermis on the first pass. It then tightens the dermis on the next pass, thus shrinking and eliminating visible lines and folds.

Bovie recently released a white paper written by Joseph B. DeLozier III, M.D., FACS and Mary Beth Oglesby use of J-Plasma in skin resurfacing; with remarkable wrinkle improvement, keratosis removal, and treatment of scarring and discoloration. So far the results have been dramatic. The efficacy and tolerability of J-Plasma skin resurfacing is remarkable.

Areas Treatable With J-Plasma?

The whole face, including around the eyes, the mouth, the chin, and the neck are treatable with J-Plasma skin resurfacing. Furthermore the procedure causes little to no pain. Recovery post-treatment instructions include washing the treated area regularly and keeping it lubricated as the area heals. In conclusion, the results of the procedure are long-lasting and slow down the ageing process.

J-Plasma is especially relevant in that it is performed under local anesthesia; the most common procedure time is approximately 35 minutes. Although the procedure is relatively pain free, healing down time can last for about 2-3 weeks, with several months needed to achieve optimal “final” results.

To learn more about J-Plasma and to book an appointment with MD Aesthetica, please call our Memorial or Woodlands clinics at 713-799-0000 or click HERE to schedule online. We look forward to introducing this new device to our patients. J-Plasma is a game changer!