Hangover Houston


What Causes a Hangover?

Medically speaking, there are a number of things going on when you drink alcohol. Drinking causes you to urinate more and that leads to dehydration. This is why you wake up with a dry mouth and feeling dizzy. Alcohol also triggers an immune system response that causes you to lose focus and forget things.

Alcohol is an irritant, so it upsets your stomach. It triggers the release of stomach acid and slows down the digestion. Those two factors are responsible for nausea and vomiting.

You might notice a sudden onset of fatigue and shakiness sometime during the evening while you are still enjoying yourself. This is a drop in blood sugar and partially responsible for that migraine you feel coming on. The headache in the morning is due to an expansion of your blood vessels and, in some cases, it is a reaction to the flavoring in certain dark liquors like whiskey or brandy. In Houston ironically these drinks have seen a rise popularity in 2017 and the start of 2018.

What to Do About a Hangover in Houston?

The Internet is full of miracle remedies for a hangover. They range from everything to eating a raw egg to standing on your head. The truth is treating the effects of alcohol consumption is not that difficult. The goal is to replace the fluid and electrolytes you lose and replenish your body with some much-needed nutrients. Medication added to the IV drip can relieve nausea, heartburn and control the inflammatory reaction. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of intravenous therapy to the point where 80% of patients admitted to hospitals in the United States use there therapy at some point during their stay.

MD Aesthetica on demand, intravenous fluid & vitamin therapy, is a practical way to help otherwise healthy people get on with their day after a night of entertaining potential clients or celebrating an important occasion. In all cases, the treatment is tailored to the needs of the patient because no two hangovers are alike. Better  yet, with MD Aesthetica’s new drip room in the Memorial City flagship location, one can hydrate and heal in comfort with amenities such as plush seating, refreshments, and NetFlix. There is not a more comfortable way to heal a hangover Houston then at MD Aesthetica.

The combination of IV hydration and vitamin therapy is enough to cure all that ails you after a night of enjoying life and drinking responsibly.


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