Thank you Houston for making MD Aesthetica one of the top hCG clinics and weight-loss centers in Houston and The Woodlands!

Our flagship Memorial City and The Woodlands clinics both offer HCG Diet plans in conjunction with our HCG Injections sourced from of the top compounding pharmacies in the south. The HCG Diet plan is a quick and easy way to lose weight. In conjunction with a low calorie/low carbohydrate diet a patient taking HCG can drop a significant amount of weight in a relatively short period of time.


HCG Injections Houston


What is HCG at MD Aesthetica?

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It is produced by the synctiotrophoblast a component of the fertilized egg after conception in pregnancy. HCG acts as an appetite suppressant allowing patients to eat very little without feeling hungry. With a promise to reduce obesity quickly without side effects HCG diets have become a popular means of weight loss. HCG diet forces your body to use up fat stores.


HCG diets works in an elusive custom; shifting the metabolic rate and influencing the body to use its fat reserves.
Unlike many other diet plans, losing weight with the HCG is long lasting, easy and pain free as long as guildlines are followed. The hormone included in HCG  injections is what activates stored up fat in our bodies to burn at an enhanced speed. As fat is broken down, energy is released. An individual on the sublingual HCG diet drops can lose 1-2 pounds a day. Due to the amount of toxins released as humans lose weight (fat cells store toxins such as heavy metals), Dr.Lyos and MD Aesthetica typically recommend a detox to remove toxins following the weightloss. For most patients we use a 10-Day Detox by Metagenics.


Here at MD Aesthetica we do HCG injections Houston versus drops or creams. Several studies have shown that drops and creams are not nearly as effective at getting the actual HCG into the bloodstream in a meaningful dosage.

Your personalized HCG diet plan and MD Aesthetica Difference

Prior to starting the HCG weight loss diet, our nurse practioner will give you a comprehensive medical evaluation including a complete history and physical. During her consultation with you, she will discuss with you your desired weight loss and how much is healthy for you to lose. She may adjust the length of the initial phase of the HCG diet (minimum length is 23 days; maximum length is 40 days).

Protocol includes:

  • Informative diet guide and procedures (cycle, post-cycle transitional, maintenance)
  • B-12 Vitamin Injections for energy
  • Follow-up visits
  • Expert support and coaching through transition and maintenance


More Information About the hCG Diet


More than 50 years ago, British-born physician Albert T.W. Simeons discovered a link between weight-loss and hCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy. The FDA requires that we tell the public that they have not concluded studies that hCG is effective for weight-loss. Despite this fact, it has been used extensively by many in what is known as “off label use”.